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Bottom High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier
 How It Works
TRH - D high shear mixers with innovative design, ingenious mix powder material absorption function and dispersed emulsion functionality set on one device, through the special design which has the function of suction powder high-speed rotation of the stator produce vacuum and mixed shear emulsifying ability, can quickly dry powder inhalation to work inside the cavity, and will immediately powder and liquid mixing shearing emulsification, achieve the desired product.The device not only greatly save the tedious powder feeding process and production time, and avoid the job shop dust pollution.This equipment widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics industries,and ?can be installed at the bottom of the various vacuum emulsifying tank.
 Structural features
 Application Features

Food Industry: homogeneous concentrated fruit juice, long fiber drinks, soups, all kinds of jam, fruit juice, potatoes Nigeria, mustard cake; 

Dairy: homogeneous fermented dairy products: You yogurt, soft cheese, butter, etc. 

Heterogeneous mix milk products: such as ice cream, chocolate milk, cocoa milk, CMC, starch, Mr Jing, etc. 

Biological pharmaceutical industry: tissue, cell body grinding, injection; antibiotics; drug ointment; microcapsules emulsion; 

Cosmetics Industry: Emulsion various facial cream, lipstick, liquid detergent, Ximian Nai, skin care products, shampoo; 

Chemical industry: resin emulsion, surfactant, carbon black dispersion; dye coating 

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