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Bi-Directional Mixing tank
 How It Works
Bi-directional mixing melting glue tank is the main complete set equipment in process of melting glue, matching material, vacuum and condensation etc. The mode of stirring adopts bidirectional multilayer distributary stirring, the structure is compact, the transmission is balanced, the capability is stable; having the strong point such as stirring material equably, accelerating melting glues etc.
 Structural features

The mode of heating adopts steam or elctricity, heating quickly and equably; the temperature can be controlled stably; can be up to the best temperature for melting glue, improving the quality of glue liquid, and shortening the temperature for melting glue. The equipment is made of stainless steel, having following three layers structure: bladder, sandwich sheath, heat preservation layer; the bladder is close, it can bear positive and negative pressure to output or feeding, the tank is equiped with  thermometer, vacuum manometer, stirring axletree, manhole, lamp, aerophore etc; all parts touched by material adopt the sanitary mirror polishing, having some strong point such as cleaning easily, antise-pticising, anti-acid etc; it completely conforms to GMP, and is the ideal equipment for melting glue and matching material in domestic and overseas capsule pharmacy industry recently.

 Application Features
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