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Integral Direct Cooling Storage Tank
 How It Works
The integral direct-cooling type refrigerating tank, here in after referred to as the refrigerating tank, is mainly used for freshness maintenance, cooling and storage of liquid materials. For example:storage and cooling of fresh milk in the meadow, small-scale milk collection station, dairy processing plant, slaughtering factory , food, feedstuff and medicine etc. The refrigerating tank is mainly composed of tank body, blender, refrigerating unit and electric control etc. The tank body is sompletely made of SUS304 stainless steel and subjected to precise polishing treatment so that dirt is not easily accumulated in it and it is easy to be cleaned with corrosion resistant performance. The heat preservation layer of the tank is filled by hard foam plastics of low heat-conducting coefficient and light weight to achieve a good heat preservation performance.
 Structural features
 Application Features
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