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TRL-C Suction-Powder Mixing Dispersing Emulsifier
 How It Works
TRL-C system is the use of special high-speed rotation of the rotor have a vacuum, the powder evenly inhalation chamber work, and it evenly distributed in the rapid flow of sap flow, the flow in the blink Secretary powder was completely wet, do not have a massive reunion Of. Then liquid and powder through a high-shear structure for the rotor to any possible spread of the block-poly, the last fully wet) and Yan evenly distributed the materials.
 Structural features

Notes: Flow listed on the table refers to the datas measured when the medium is  water. The flow will be varied with transformation of medium's viscosity and density, electrical power also will be different. This pump has short delivery head,it should be installed below the medium's level. High viscosity and solid content make the pump can not feed and deliver normally, a feeding pump or pressure pump with matched flow should be adopted. If the data in the table is modified, no further notification will be given, and the right parameters as per the provided sample.

 Application Features
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