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Sanitary magnetic pump
 How It Works
Sanitary centrifugal pump magnetic contact material used in all parts 316L \ 304 materials, permanent magnetic coupling through the motor to drive the impeller operation principle of working. Static welded isolation units to replace the dead seal dynamic mechanical seals, sanitary magnetic pump mechanical seal completely solve the inevitable run, run, drip of ills. Ring of silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, divided into semi-open impeller, closed, easy to clean and no dead ends meet, "the pharmaceutical industry quality management practices" related to GMP requirements. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, transport petroleum plating acids, alkalis, oils, rare and precious liquid, venom, volatile liquid; Sanitary Magnetic pump especially flammable, explosive, drain liquid delivery. Also still in environmental protection, water treatment and other industries widely used.
 Structural features
1. With welded sealed isolation units to replace the static dead dynamic mechanical seals, mechanical seals leak completely solve dynamic problems.
2. Simple structure, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, no dead ends. 


 Application Features
Sanitary Magnetic pump(centrifugal )- mainly to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries of GMP and design, in addition to completely solve the traditional quality seal leakage and wear problems, and sanitary magnetic pump performance, reasonable structure, small size, reliable. Sanitary magnetic pump for conveying solid particles of clean water and other liquid materials and pharmaceutical products and beverages, alcohol.
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