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TRH High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier(Intermittent)
 How It Works

High shear mixers dispersing emulsifier effectively,quickly and evenly disperse a phase or phases to another consecutive phase,usually,these phases are dissolvable to each other.The rotor revolves quickly and strong force is produced through high tangent speed and high frequency mechanical effect,therefore,the material in the narrow slotamong stator and rotor receives strong forces from mechanical and liquid shearing,centrifugal force,pressing,liquid fraction,clashing,tearing and rush water.The dissolvable solid,liquid and gas material is then instantly dispersed and emulsified evenly and finely with better production procedures and appropriate addictives and finally products with stable high quality are made.

Intermittent High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier Working Process

The rotor revolves in high speed produces centrifugal force,which suctions the material from upper and lower feeding area axially to the operation chamber. The stron

g centrifugal force throws the material axially to the narrow slot between stator and rotor.The material then receives centrifugal press,clash and other forces,which firstly disperse and emulsify the material. The outer terminal of the rotor revolved in high speed produces a line speed more than 15m/s and even up to 40m/s,which produces strong mechanical and liquid shearing,liquid abrasion,clashing and tearing which fully disperse,emulsify,homogen,and break the material and jet from the stator slot. As materials jet in radial in high speed,they change their flow direction with resistance from themselves and vessel walls.The upperand lower axial suction force then leads to strong upper and lower rushing flows.After many circulations,the material is finally disper sed and emulsified evenly.

 Structural features

The flow in the table refers to the data tested taking water as the medium. If the medium has high viscosity or consistency,please use pipeline high shear dispersing emulsifter. If there is high temperature,high pressure,flammable,explosive or corrosive condition. The data in the table is subject to change without notice.See the actual products for the right data.

 Application Features
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